"Products from Entube are natural, paleo, kosher, non-GMO and lack preservatives, additivives or colorants while remaining creating a flavor bomb in each tube."

"Is the umami boosting paste about to be the next big thing?"

"Entube takes age-old flavors from around the world and packages them in a convenient tube format that meets the needs of modern consumers."

"Inspired by ancient recipes from the far east, this spicy paste is going to become your go-to for quintessential curry flavor."

"Harissa in a tube, what?! You will love this flavorful chili paste, trust us. Ever since we got ahold of it, we can't seem to let it go."

"We use it on everything from veggies and tempeh to grilled meat, soup, pasta, even cocktails."

"Spicy Umeboshi Plum Paste is a fermented fruit-based paste, best used in raw form as a finishing condiment on sushi, oysters, vegetables and in cocktails."

"Lifestyle expert Sissy Biggers attended the 2016 Fancy Food Show in New York City. Hoda gives a thumbs up."

"Whether he happens to be a griller, cocktail maker, outdoorsman, TV snacker, or perhaps just bacon-obsessed, we’ve got a treat with his name written all over it."

“Harissa has really been trending hugely in the US over the past couple of years."

"Sometimes condiments can make your meal even more nutritious, like this fiery chili paste. It’s made with cumin (a known fat blaster), plus inflammation-fighting turmeric, cayenne, and ginger. It also has acerola, the cherry-like fruit that’s loaded with vitamin C, so it’s full of superfoods." 

"As a sandwich spread, to perk up salad dressing, mixed into burger meat, and tossed with vegetables, to name a few. Los Angeles–based designer Richard Lassalle sells a flavorful North American–made version called Entube, created from his own recipe."

"The sleek silver tube makes it easy to squeeze the smooth harissa onto eggs, pastas, burgers and more for a quick kick of heat."

“I got hot sauce in my bag, swag,” the superstar says in the song, admitting her love for the caliente condiment. Beyonce's definitely onto something."

"Need a stocking stuffer for someone who’s addicted to Sriracha? Get them hooked on North African harissa from Entube in downtown L.A."

"The sleek silver tube makes it easy to squeeze the smooth harissa onto eggs, pastas, burgers and more for a quick kick of heat."

"It’s harissa. It comes in a tube. Squeeze it over your eggs and couscous. You’ll never mistake it for toothpaste."

"From Curry Paste in a Tube to a Stripe Shirt – My Fall Obsessions 2016."

"Entube's 'Spicy Umeboshi Plum Paste' is a Gourmet Specialty."

"The new variety features ume plum – a traditional Japanese staple – as well as vinegar, cayenne, and beet, resulting in ‘a colourful, nutritious condiment that aids in digestive support, nausea, and fatigue including hangovers."


"Spicy Umeboshi Plum Paste is an easy-to-use, versatile product that will add bright color and flavor to dishes, empowering anyone to become a chef."

"Scoot over, Sriracha. Harissa's in the house."

"Spicy Citrus Popcorn + Michelada Recipes - With Entube."


"Deb Enos shares her quick and easy comfort food recipes with the New Day audience."

"Expanding the brand’s global palate, the new variety features ume plum, a traditional Japanese staple."

"So what should you do to maximize your harissa experience, short of snorting it? Start with these nine incredible recipes that explore the wide range of harissa's appeal."

"Using this condiment packs a huge nutritional punch to whatever you’re eating by providing a strong dose of cumin plus inflammation-fighting turmeric, cayenne and ginger. Moreover, this superfood sauce has acerola, which is loaded with vitamin C."

"Upgrade your cheese plate."

"Entube Harissa provides a modern and funky interpretation of the original North African chili paste with added ingredients including sumac and Amazonian acerola berry."

"Every box is curated by a different chef who hand-picks the items in the box and writes a collection of recipes that incorporates some of the month’s featured items - Including Entube Indian Curry Chili Paste." 

"In case you haven't cooked with harissa — that savory, smoky, flavor-packed hot chili pepper paste originally used in North African and Mediterranean cooking — we think it's about time you get acquainted with this spicy condiment."

"Forget the nondescript tomato paste in a can and generic anchovy paste at the supermarket. Entube’s new line of super-concentrated gourmet flavor pastes are a welcome upgrade for any kitchen."