1. What is Entube?

A.  Entube chili pastes are the modern reinvention of traditional global flavors. A hybrid of bold design and exceptional flavor for the gourmet market, Entube products are made with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients and packaged in a polished, easy to use aluminum tube. Dedicated to the “you are what you eat” philosophy, Entube takes great care to work with only the best ingredients and suppliers. With mouthwatering flavors and eye-catching colors, Entube products are designed to trigger a culinary journey and empower anyone to become a chef.

2.Do Entube products contain sugar?

A.  Entube products do not contain any added sugar. 

3. Are Entube products gluten free?

A.     Yes, each Entube product is gluten free.

4. Are Entube products vegan and paleo?

A. Yes, Entube products do not contain any animal byproducts or dairy.

5. Is Entube packaging recyclable?

A.  Each tube is aluminum and 100 percent recyclable.

6. What is the ingredient breakdown for each product?

A. Harissa – Paprika, Cayenne, Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Acerola Berry, Cumin, Sumac, Garlic, Coriander and Spices.

B. Indian Curry – Cumin, Turmeric, Sunflower Oil, Fennel, Onion, Sea Salt, Garlic, Coriander, Fenugreek, Acerola Berry, Cayenne, Ginger and Spices.

C. Salted Plum Umeboshi – Umeboshi Plum, Shiso Leaves, Umeboshi Vinegar, Sea Salt, beets, Cayenne Pepper.

7. What is the nutritional breakdown of each product?

A. The nutrition labels for each product can be found on the product page here . Entube products have no synthetic preservatives or coloring of any kind.

8. What are some suggested ways to use Harissa?

A. Breakfast – Spread on eggs or over a breakfast sandwich in place of your go-to hot sauce. 

B. Snack – Mix into your favorite hummus or spread on a cheese and cracker for a spicy flavor boost.

C. Lunch – Stir into roasted vegetables or into a marinara to create a divine pasta sauce.

D. Appetizer – Whisk into a salad dressing or smother on chicken wings for an extra spicy kick.

E. Dinner – Use as an instant spicy rub for a rack of lamb, pork ribs, fish or shrimp.

9. What are some suggested ways to use Indian Curry?

A. As a finishing condiment – Try it with a slice of cheddar cheese and a cracker, on top of potatoes, or as a side for your meat dish.

BAs an ingredient – Mix with hummus or yogurt for a piquant dip, add a teaspoon to salad dressing, or stir into melted butter before you scramble your eggs.

C. As a glaze – Brush on top of Brussel sprouts, cauliflower or other root vegetables mixed with olive oil before grilling.

D. As a marinade – Whisk up with fresh garlic and white wine, or submerge a fillet of white fish.

10. What is the cost of Entube?

A. 100g tube - $8.00

11. Where can I buy Entube near me?

A. Entube products are available in retailers in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., as well as online at Amazon and The Gourmet Import Shop. For a complete list of where to find Entube, please see our Shop page or contact info@entube.la.

12. What is the shelf life of Entube products?

A. 18 months.

13. How do I store opened Entube products?

A. After opening, it is best to refrigerate the products cap up to preserve taste.

14. Where is Entube headquartered?

A.  Entube is headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

15. Where are Entube products manufactured?

A. Entube is manufactured in Montreal, Canada.  

16. Where can I find Entube on social media?

A, Twitter - @EntubeLA

B. Facebook - @Entube

C. Instagram - @Entube

D.  Pinterest - @Entube